Quick Facts:

  • • MS-HCI Student at Georgia Tech, class of 2018, PSYC track (One of 5!)
  • • Bachelors is from Georgia State University in Psychology, Cum Laude
  • • Currently have one publication, others are in prep
  • • 5 years of Psychology research experience + 2 years UX research experience
  • • UX research interests include AI, AR/VR, Interactive Narrative, Accessibility, and Games/Gamification
  • • Psychology interests that intersect those above are Decision Making, Attention/Cognitive Loads, Immersion, and Creativity

My story starts with my mother, a birthday cake, and understanding the "experience"

One of the longest traditions my family has had is that on a birthday, the birthday guy or girl requests a cake flavor which my mom would then make without question. As kids tend to have much larger imaginations than they do knowledge of practical flavor profiles, my suggestions would always range from the potentially possible ("Chocolate Cotton Candy!"") to the abstract ("I want a sparkly cake!").>It didn't matter to my mother, she took the resources she had available and would make what best matched what the cake should taste like (hint: it always tasted delicious).

What my mom did with baking is what I strive to do with technology.I like taking things apart and figuring out how they work but when it comes to experiences, I like putting everything together to create the story.

My undergraduate work was in cognitive psychology, I loved everything about it, but I knew that a pure research track wasn't the path for me. I love learning but I love doing it in an applied context, user research lets me have the best of both worlds. Every user has a story, a new challenge, and an opportunity to learn. That's where I want to be, if that's where you want to be too, let's talk.

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Foodie stuff! (Photography mileage may vary)

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